Wide Dance Shoes

Do you need wide width ballroom dancing shoes?

Finding wide dance shoes can be a mission, but one that is well worth the hunt. Yes, wide width shoes do exist!

Wide width dance shoes can be hard to find, especially so if you are looking for a pair that are comfortable too!

Believe me, I have searched high and low.

It is important to have comfortable dance shoes, and if your toes are squished they are going to hurt. Not good!

If your foot is wider than the sole of the shoe, this is also not good, as among other things, your balance will never be stable.

Well, I love ballroom dancing, but I don't care for pain, so I set out to find a solution!

I conducted a thorough search for a dance shoes manufacturer that specialized in shoe sizes with other than just the regular width. Here are the results!

Wide Dance Shoes For Ladies With
Just Slightly Wider (or narrower) Feet

Natural Spin Dance Shoes & Dancewear
Click on image for more
styles and colors
If you need a shoe that is just a bit wider or narrower than the regular width, the ones shown on the left will probably do the trick.

Adjustable buckles or a velcro tab closure allow for slight foot width variations.

These will work great for someone with a higher instep too, as the width of the sole remains unchanged.

Click on the image to see more styles and colors that are available.

This style is often advertised as a wide width dance shoe, but does have limitations, as it is only slightly adjustable.

If you require a wider width than this, then just keep reading...

Find Wide Width Ballroom Dance Shoes

A ballroom dance shoe store that carries wide widths, or allows you to create custom designs can be frustrating to find. The following shops all provide some good options. Check them out!

Natural Spin Dancewear: Don't miss this one! Both Elegant and Natural Spin wide dancing shoes for ladies, men and kids. Several styles available in narrow widths as well. You can even find unique designer Salsa and Tango shoes! Truly a gold mine for the wide footed ballroom dancer.

EK Clothing: An extensive collection of Very Fine Ballroom Dance Shoes that can be custom ordered for wide widths as well as color and heel sizes. This shop has great customer service, so don't hesitate to contact them if you require assistance!

Best Ballroom Shoes: Werner Kern and Diamant brands wide fitting shoes for both ladies and men. A few Capezio brands are available for ladies as well. Custom shoes are also offered by SoulDancer. This dance shoes store is very well designed and easy to navigate.

Wide Dance Shoes Fitting Tip

The Regular Width of ballroom dance shoe manufacturers is highly variable, therefore a wide width specification may be very difficult to accurately determine. As well, many wide width orders are not returnable, so be sure to check the manufacturers return and exchange policies to avoid disappointment.

Custom Fit Wide Dance Shoes

Well, you guessed it! The only way to absolutely ensure your dancing comfort is to order custom shoes to fit YOUR feet!


Mr.TangoShoes offers a nice selection of tango, salsa and ballroom shoes at reasonable prices.


The owner, Jorge Nel Giraldo, is a tango dancer of many years and has an indepth understanding of dancers footwear needs.

He shows you how to measure your feet and fax the measurements to him for a truly custom made shoe, providing a solution for all special needs.

Now using Poron Orthopedic Cushioning Foam, for ultimate comfort and breathability.

To visit his shop, click on the image on the left.

Check back often as more options will be added as they are discovered and researched

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